Facility FAQ’s2018-09-29T22:36:12+00:00


How do we get started partnering with SeniorVision?2018-10-08T06:34:54+00:00

It’s easy! Simply contact us and we will get you signed up. There is minimal paperwork, and we can get you up and running and on the schedule very quickly!

Is there a cost to our facility to partner with SeniorVision Eye Care?2018-09-29T22:34:03+00:00

No, there is never a cost for your facility to partner with SeniorVision. In fact, we can usually reduce costs because of less time transporting residents.

How often do you come to our facility?2018-10-08T07:11:06+00:00

In general, we will come to your facility every few months to perform exams. We will follow up with each patient as is medically indicated. Typically, the more residents we are seeing in your facility, the more often we will be there for followup. Our goal is to provide exceptional, appropriate medical eye care in­-house, and to only refer patients to an outside provider when it is absolutely indicated.

Will our residents see the same doctor every time?2018-09-29T22:34:03+00:00

Yes, we will schedule the same doctor for a facility every time. In urgent cases, we will send the doctor who is closest to your location. Since we use cloud-based electronic health records, our doctors can see all previous exam notes from anywhere, as well as message other SeniorVision doctors and staff through our software.

Can you see all our residents?2018-10-08T06:41:51+00:00

Yes we can typically see all your residents, including those on skilled nursing care and hospice care. Our doctors can perform comprehensive examinations on those with advanced dementia, Alzheimer’s or aphasia. Patients do not have to be verbal; in fact, we can examine those who are nonverbal or unresponsive. Exams can be done with the patient in their wheelchair, geri chair or even in bed.

How does partnering with SeniorVision benefit our facility?2018-09-29T22:34:03+00:00

We can reduce the staff time, liability and risk transporting residents. We can typically see 14-18 patients in a day. In addition, you can market that you offer on-site eye care services to prospective residents and their families.

How does partnering with SeniorVision benefit our residents?2018-09-29T22:34:03+00:00

We make exceptional eye care easy to access for your residents. By offering SeniorVision eye services in your facility, you can relieve your residents’ families from the difficulty and stress of transporting to an eye doctor.

Improve Patient Care2018-09-29T22:34:03+00:00

OCT gives you and your practice state-of-the-art tools to aid in diagnosing and caring for your patients with ocular disease. In fact, OCT has become indispensable to many of today’s eye care practices, and clinicians worldwide are finding they do not want to practice without it.